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Garden Tools and Other Hair Clips

Image of Garden Tools and Other Hair Clips


Joy's Creations started when my daughter was
born. She had a lot of hair and still does. I can't tell you how
many times I looked for cute hair clips in pairs and came up
empty handed. My frustration coupled with many moms
commenting on her adorable hair clips spawned my new creative
outlet. The pictures do them no justice; they are even more
adorable in person!

Quality Hair Clips/Barrettes are all about the Details:

Ribbon is hand cut and singed for longevity,

Glue is non-toxic, permanent and washable,

Barrett clips are chrome plated for rust resistance,

Each barrette clip is equipped with one side of Velcro to
help it stay in your little ones hair (no more paying for
things they just lose anyway) which helps keep their hair
in place for the rough and tumble little tykes that they tend
to be,

All are handmade by me during nap time and bath time,
many are hand stitched!

An excellent gift for that special little girl in your life,

With nearly 200 designs to choose from, the hardest part is choosing just one (so I give quantity discounts, 3 pairs for $25 6+ pairs for $7.50 each or $45/6 prs).

This listing is for simply adorable and DURABLE hair clip styles, the one pictured is Garden Tools #307. All of these hair clips are sold as a pair (they can be purchased as singles, please send me a message indicating which singles you want, price is the same i.e. 2 single clips for $10)

See all my hair clips here: